Repak Recycling Commercial

Sound mixing and foley work on Repak's new commercial to promote their new plastics recycling initiative.

Aaron Browne Promo

I was delighted to be asked to work on the foley and sound design for this compelling promo video featuring the Irish Muay Thai fighter, Aaron Browne. Commissioned by Fionn Kane.

Ash in the Workshed

Foley sound redesign for the infamous 'Ash in the Workshed' scene from Sam Raimi's Evil Dead II.

Zordak SFX

Redesign of sound elements for the videogame Zordak.

Game SFX

Redesign of various videogame SFX elements.

Wolfenstein Beam Weapon

SFX redesign for a beam weapon from the Wolfenstein videogame.

Raiden Fight Scene

Sound redesign for an animated Mortal Kombat scene.

Portal Gun

Sound redesign for a live-action Portal gun from the short film by Dan Trachtenberg.

Fast & Furious Fight Scene

Sound redesign for a fight scene from Fast & Furious 7.