About EffectsWorks

Hello, I’m Rob. I’m a creative sound designer and recordist based in beautiful West Cork, Ireland. I have nearly two decades of industry experience in the fields of animation, e-learning, recording and production.

I’ve been field recording and creating strange and unusual soundscapes for too many years to count, and I’m passionate about all things audio. When I’m not snooping around the Irish countryside with my trusty sound recorder, you’ll probably find me perusing junk shops in search of anything that can croak out interesting sounds.

Recent work has included sound design, Foley and mixing on two full-length features (Alive, No Turning Back), as well as several short films and adverts. I also work with various record labels and independent platforms that supply boutique sounds to all parts of the industry, from renowned TV shows to big-budget AAA games.

If you need a creative sound designer who’ll bring the highest quality bespoke sounds to your project, large or small, then feel free to drop me a line. Or if you have any questions, reach out and just say hello!


Sound Design

I have nearly a decade of experience in designing bespoke sounds for a wide range of genres. Whether it be film, advertising, TV, or web, I can bring your creative vision to life.

Foley Production

One of the biggest challenges in creating filmmaking is selling an experience to an audience. This is where Foley art truly shines, by bringing your production together. I’m dedicated to finding the perfect solution for your project and budget, as well as any further augmentation needed after the performance.

Field Recording

Field recording is one of my biggest passions, and I never leave the house without my trusty hand recorder. I have a wide array of high-end mics suitable for recording in any environment, providing only the highest fidelity for my clients.

Audio Post Production

Going beyond just the technical aspects required for your audio needs, I can also bring creativity, direction and story focus so your production is delivered seamlessly and brings the best possible experience to the viewer.





Sound Devices
Sony PCM-D100
Senheiser HD 650


Access Virus
Novation Peak
Analog Heat


Nuendo 11
Pro Tools
Ableton 11
Studio One 5